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About L.A. Bay
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Click to see more estate animals.

Click to see more estate animals.

Click to see more estate animals.

Click to see more estate animals.

Click to see more estate animals.

Welcome to the World of L.A. Bay

After living in France, Lillian and Anthony Bay developed a passion for the rich history and culture that has yielded such classic furniture and timeless collectibles.

This same passion provides the foundation for L.A. Bay Antiquities—a boutique importer offering the finest in French antiques. Acquiring fine antiques is an investment, not an expense. Owning a unique piece of history connects you to its past and adds depth and life to any room in which it lives. No one else will have exactly the same item, these are one-of-a-kind hand made items which were never mass produced. Over the years, fine antiques have proven to be a solid investment – unlike new furniture that simply depreciates as it ages. Antiques are passed on through generations to ones descendents; adding a sense of history and continuity.
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Lillian and Anthony hand-selected and purchased each of the items in their showroom on location from reputable dealers and private collectors in France, with each of whom they have developed a personal relationship. All pieces are guaranteed. The Bays travel to France two or more times a year in search of new items for their collection, and via their website and showroom now share these with you. Other select pieces are accessible on demand through their network of French suppliers – if you are looking for something specific let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

It is with this understanding that Lillian and Anthony endeavor to make your buying experience meaningful. Expect personal attention and outstanding service. The inventory on display at their beautiful wooded farm estate showroom in Redmond, Washington is available for private viewing by appointment. Peruse the collection online or call to discuss a personalized plan for acquiring the perfect piece for you.

While visiting, take a few extra minutes to enjoy their farm of miniature animals; alpacas, miniature Brahma bulls, reindeer, miniature horse and donkey and the baby wallaby and kangaroo.

Explore the world of fine French antiques with L.A. Bay Antiquities

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